29 year old guy living in the Pacific Northwest. I'm into dominance and submission play. Usually, I get into being dominant, but a true Alpha male can usually get me to submit. I like my men tall, thick, and hairy.

I write gay erotic stories and post them at www.nifty.org under the name Cosmic Charlie. You can find the full list at cceroticstories.blogspot.com. or by clicking the "My Stories" tab below.

I post pics that I find hot. My turn ons include uncut dicks, spit, strong smelling men, pics of body worship and submission, piss, and most raunch and kink. I have a serious gear fetish and love a hard cock bulging through some briefs.

This blog is NSFW. Pics were found on the web. Email me to get them removed. Shoot me an email at cosmic709@yahoo.com.


blucollarboys asked
Love your writing man and your tumblr is crazy hot. Maybe you could check mine out if you get the time. Seems we have similar taste.

Thanks man. Will do.